THIS OLD PLACE by Hannah McCormick

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Lyrics from a song about Camp Bratton-Green. I was commissioned to illustrate them in a black and white drawing. I used India ink and some white charcoal to fudge some stuff at the end. Would've tried some masking fluid (it would have helped a lotttttt) but I used some Arches paper that would have just torn apart if I did. 


I think the drawing turned out pretty haunt-y, which is kind of appropriate to how I feel about the camp these days, since I have a lot of personal history with the place as well. The clients were super stoked on the drawing though, and it was a fun Christmas morning reveal. Dramatic. It's been done for a hot minute, but I had to wait on it for surprise purposes.

Lucy (client) did a frame job on it.

Lucy (client) did a frame job on it.

Now I gotta play around with masking fluid, which I've lived my whole life without for no good reason. New year, new media.