PRINCESS by Hannah McCormick

This is my friend Jennifer. I met Jennifer when I was 16 and she was 18, I think. She was my special camper at a special session at Camp Bratton-Green. Jennifer goes by "Princess Jennifer." That's all pretty preliminary info, but I don't really feel like telling the story of us. Anyway, while we were hanging out this past fall I was taking a bunch of pictures for something else and this one got snapped.  I like it.

this might be something

LORRAINE by Hannah McCormick

My aunt is the McCormick family genealogist, and she recently sent me these images of her and my father's mother, my grandmother, Lorraine. I never knew her well, but I like these.

Lorraine picking berries

Lorraine by blossoms

Lorraine with cat

Lorraine on a hike

sailor Lorraine

Lorraine in greeting card, signatures

Lorraine in greeting card, signatures