BAYOU by Hannah McCormick

On a whim, I promised my aunt and uncle a painting of their backyard a few years ago. Since then, the prepped piece sat in my studio, ignored for what felt like forever. I finally got a kick to do it from my aunt this summer and finished it for them. I think they're enjoying it. They live in Bayou La Batre, Alabama.

When I finally did it I was away from my studio and had 2 brushes some very random colors, and a totally different surface; all impulse decisions in frenzied packing.  After grappling with the consequences of my life choices (story of my life) I found a path.

The landscape includes bayou in their huge backyard, my uncle's fancy boat house, and my cousin Brandon's porch swing hanging from one of the massive swooping tree branches. Soon, my cousin Paige will have her wedding there. It'll be be beautiful!

 Papaw's Bayou, 2013, oil on wooden panel