THIS OLD PLACE by Hannah McCormick

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Lyrics from a song about Camp Bratton-Green. I was commissioned to illustrate them in a black and white drawing. I used India ink and some white charcoal to fudge some stuff at the end. Would've tried some masking fluid (it would have helped a lotttttt) but I used some Arches paper that would have just torn apart if I did. 


I think the drawing turned out pretty haunt-y, which is kind of appropriate to how I feel about the camp these days, since I have a lot of personal history with the place as well. The clients were super stoked on the drawing though, and it was a fun Christmas morning reveal. Dramatic. It's been done for a hot minute, but I had to wait on it for surprise purposes.

Lucy (client) did a frame job on it.

Lucy (client) did a frame job on it.

Now I gotta play around with masking fluid, which I've lived my whole life without for no good reason. New year, new media.


For Father's day this year I created a 3-part series of a comic for my father, inspired by a comic strip created for them yyyyears ago by a friend at the Times Picayune. I used to think it was so funny when I was little. Hopefully I can remember to snap a shot of it when I visit them at Thanksgiving.

I spent much of the time working on this listening to Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which was pretty good. I'm working out of my giant moleskin-- I think 11" x 17".

 There are 2 more pages yet to be inked, and I hope I finish them soon...


Misadventures of JDMc, page 1


I found this through an article that said it was supposed to be soothing and mesmerizing, but it is neither for me. Instead I am fascinated and anxious. I want to know what medium he's using to thin his paint (a retardant? a thinner? both? and what kind of paint), and if that's plexi he's painting on? So many questions. One time my father's friend told me the only way to sustain myself practically was to become a sign painter, so there's a lot of vague motivation. Spoiler alert: I'm not a sign painter.